'You are Free'

Dave wrote several pieces about his hiking and climbing experiences and what they meant to him. In one poem, Dave uses climbing as a metaphor for life and freedom.

You Are Free
David S. Suarez

The air is cool,
the sky is dark.
Your muscles relax,
while nature's breath fills your lungs.
You have accomplished your tasks,
felt the pain,
and endured the pressure.
A pressure so immense,
that you lived to escape.
You have climbed to the very peak of the mountain,
and now relax on a rock,
high above the trees,
while others sleep.
You are enveloped by nature's beauty,
for just a moment you abandon your incarcerated body,
wholly relinquishing your ties to human nature,
and for only an instant,
you become part of God,
you are free.

© 2001 Ted and Carol Suarez
All Rights Reserved
May not be reproduced without permission

This poem has been translated into 87 different languages from around
the world including the three major languages of Afghanistan.  A listing
of all the languages can be found here.
Are you fluent in another language that is not included here?  Contact Michael Eskra, meskra(at)davidsuarez.org, on how you can have your translation included.
On September 11, 2002 the poem was read by Congressman Rush Holt 
on the floor of the House of Representatives and entered into the Congressional Record of 107th Congress.
An official version of the record was presented in person by Congressman Holt to Mr. and Mrs. Suarez.

The poem was also be featured in a The New York Times article from September 8, 2002.  It was used by the State of California in
commemorating the date and it has been used by several English professors from around the country in their classes.

For more information on this poem or to use it please contact Mr. Ted Suarez, suarez(at)davidsuarez.org.